Today, Fitbit introduced its fall lineup of devices, consisting of the Inspire 3, Versa 4, and Sense 2 wearables. Each device hits a different price point, ranging from $99 for the Inspire 3, all the way up to $299 for the Sense 2.

According to Fitbit, the new Inspire 3 offers health tracking (heart rate, blood oxygen/SpO2, and skin temperature) for up to 10 days on a single charge, Sleep Profile support, featuring a color touchscreen display, and coming in a handful of fun colors. Inspire 3 is available in September for $99 and comes with six months of Premium membership, with pre-orders now available on Fitbit’s website.

If your budget is a bit higher for fitness tracking, there’s the Versa 4 coming in at $229. It offers tracking for over 40 exercise modes, real-time stats, built-in GPS for location tracking, Active Zone Minutes, plus all of the sensors and goodies that the Inspire 3 comes with. It is also available for pre-order with September 23 being the ship-by date.

Then there’s the Sense 2, Fitbit’s most premium wearable at $299. It features Fitbit’s new Body Response sensor, the first on-wrist continuous EDA (cEDA) sensor for all-day stress management. Buyers will also get all of the other health and fitness tracking they would expect from a $299 tracker. The key difference, besides the Body Response sensor, is premium hardware. It features a well designed aluminum body, plus a ton of additional band options (from Fitbit and other accessory partners).

Sense 2 is up for pre-order on Fitbit’s website, with shipping expected by September 23.

Plan on picking up one of Fitbit’s new wearables? There are plenty of options to choose from.

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