Effective date – May 18, 2022

Advertisement Management for Aglaeca

Aglaeca uses advertising networks and acts as a publisher rather than taking direct advertisement deals. It is recommended to use Aglaeca on one of our ad networks If it’s decided to use our platform for marketing needs.

Any advertisement offer that is bigger than $500 can be discussed privately If you reach us out via support email.

Service Quality

Aglaeca works with other platforms to increase its active users. Each accessed IP is filtered with IPtoLocation to determine its real physical location. Comments are disabled to prevent automated comments and illegal advertisements or scamming attempts.

Each advertiser and ad network is responsible to check the quality of traffic our platform provides and is obliged to check for any unwanted traffic such as bots, low-tier country visits, proxy, IPv6 usage, etc with their traffic quality tools.

If required, our team can share Aglaeca’s Google Analytics dashboard by giving access to a guest account to our advertisers or partner ad networks.