Regular Hackaday readers may recall the Inkplate family of devices: open source all-in-one development boards that combine the power and versatility of the ESP32 with electronic paper displays salvaged from commercial e-readers. By taking the sharp, high-speed, displays intended for readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and bundling it together withContinue Reading

Not only is it a day of updates for Google Pixel phones, being the first Monday of the month, it’s also a Pixel Feature Drop day and the release of a major quarterly build. That’s right, if you own a Pixel phone (like the Pixel 4a up through the newContinue Reading

While many of us were enjoying some time off for Thanksgiving, the US government took drastic action against Huawei and four other Chinese companies. The hardest hit are Huawei and ZTE, as the ban prevents any new products from being approved for the US market. The other three companies areContinue Reading

OnePlus made a big promise today for its best phones starting in 2023. The company committed to providing more software updates than ever, including an extra generation of OxygenOS, in addition to more security patches. During an event in London, OnePlus announced that on “selected devices” launching in 2023, theyContinue Reading