When debugging something as involved as kernel scheduler timings, you would typically use one of the software-based debugging mechanisms available. However, in cases when software is close to bare metal, you don’t always need to do that. Instead, you can output a signal to a GPIO, and then use aContinue Reading

Do you need a cheap, small computer for a low power computing project? Historically, of us would reach straight for a Raspberry Pi, even if we didn’t absolutely need the GPIO. But with prices elevated and supplies in the dumps, [Andreas Spiess] decided that it was time to look forContinue Reading


At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Quiet clicking New 8000dpi sensor Pairs with multiple computers Good customization Cons Right-handed only Software could be more flexible Our Verdict The best Mac mouse is updated with a delightfully quiet clicking action and a higher-resolution sensor that’s great for 4K and 5K displays.Continue Reading