As an amateur astrophotographer will tell you, you just don’t get to capture the really interesting objects without spending a ton of money on some decent pieces of kit. Telescope aside, there really is a surprising amount of complexity, weight, and associated costs with the telescope mount alone, let alone one thatContinue Reading


Billboards display NFT art in Times Square during the 4th annual NFT NYC conference in June 2022. | Noam Galai/Getty Images Everything feels broken. Who can blame people for wanting NFTs to be a fix? On a rainy Tuesday in June, I found myself in a packed and buzzing Times SquareContinue Reading


Google put Blake Lemoine, an engineer at the company, on leave after he claimed the company’s AI had become sentient. | Martin Klimek/Washington Post via Getty Images How do ideas about faith and God influence conversations about artificial intelligence? It wasn’t science that convinced Google engineer Blake Lemoine that oneContinue Reading